Skin Deep

The world may think they know the Nutcracker Ballet’s tale. A handsome soldier. Dancing chocolates. A towering tree. A battle with a malevolent rodent, fatally wounded so a precocious girl and her magical nutcracker can whisk away to the Land of Sweets. Nice to know that mortals celebrate Christmas by reenacting my almost-death. But I’m not the villain I’ve been made out to be.

I am the Rat King.

I rebelled against my perfect world and failed. I rebelled against a queen who populates her land by kidnapping gorgeous, talented dancers to fill her world with splendor, candy-coating it with lies and dreams. And now? Now I work for her. I kidnap prospects for her inspection, hoping she’ll find fault in them and send them home. So far, it has always worked.

But Claire Sutton is the most marvelous prospect I’ve ever seen…


Published Works

“Cathedral” – flash fiction (short fiction)
(To view, click the link and scroll about a third of the way down the page)

  • February 2007, The Deepening
  • January 2009, Ancient Paths
  • July 2009, Joyful! Online

“Prince of Dreams” – short fiction

  • April 2010, Enchanted Conversation

“The Mermaid and the Stag” – short fiction

  • June 2010, Enchanted Conversation