Under Construction!

Every few years, I like to freshen things up a bit on my sites, and it’s that time again. Until I finish moving things around and pretty-ing it up, though,  it may look a little messy around here. Please bear with me!

In the meantime, I’ve added some new work to my gallery/portfolio, so please check out my Art & Illustration page. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find. Thanks for visiting!


Bible Journaling: The First Sin

The past month has been rather hectic, putting me behind on my blog posts and reading. Let us hope March is better than February!

A few months ago, I decided to try my hand at Bible journaling, which is a way of meditating on the Scriptures through art. Today I’m sharing the illustration I did on the first sin and the murder of Abel.


The photo is a little blurry; I’m having issues with my camera. Sorry about that!

I hope to be back on schedule with my posting next week. See you then.

Landscape: Yosemite


This is a colored pencil painting I completed early last fall. It was inspired by the Hudson River School artist Albert Bierstadt’s “Yosemite.” Mine is a more simplified composition which uses brighter colors, and it’s done in colored pencil while Bierstadt’s is oil. But I love the Hudson River School and just had to try something to give it my own spin.

Here’s Bierstadt’s “Yosemite.”