Art & Illustration


Yosemite Landscape, Colored Pencil, Katie LovettGlobe and Rosary Still Life, Colored Pencil, Katie LovettBlack Bear, Marker and PenMina Sketch 2, MarkerMina Sketch 1, MarkerFootball, Oil Pastel and Watercolor20180216_230847Grand Tetons Landscape, Oil PastelMoorish Princess, Oil on Canvas, Katie Lovett20180218_153346Fox, Oil Pastel20180406_203814Jesus Crowned With Thorns20171217_11493920180314_12534720180131_17134420180322_00411820180401_16500120180325_193957

I’m still in the process of building this page. Please note that not all pictures are properly labeled. I’m also in the process of getting higher quality images of my work. Thank you for your patience!

My work includes colored pencil, oil pastel, oil paint, marker, artist pens, ballpoint pen, watercolor, and mixed media.