Writer? Artist? Both?

If you want to write in more than one genre, chances are good that you’ll need different websites, Twitter accounts, Pinterest accounts, blogs…But when will you have time to write?

Some authors do have time to write and manage a gazillion accounts, but I’m not one of them. So I stopped trying to be–not because I’m lazy, but because I feel that online media is only worthwhile if it’s authentic, and when I spread myself out in those ways, I’m not authentic in any one of my accounts. And that’s why I created this site. This site (cue dramatic music) is where my worlds collide.

Where Worlds Collide has served as my portal site since the days when I “knew for sure” I would be writing fiction under two different pen names. Now I’m undecided, and to top it off, I’m making my first serious venture into building a professional art career. I’m a walking conundrum these days, and this site embodies that. In the midst of this chaos, Where Worlds Collide has turned into an all-in-one site and blog for my writing and my art, and all my social media leads you here. It’s the opposite of conventional marketing wisdom, but at this stage in my career–when I haven’t yet figured out how to balance everything–it seems like the best approach.

So that’s me! If you’re still curious, you can learn more about me and my work by visiting my writing and art pages, or by following me on Twitter or Pinterest.


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