Writing Links from January 2017



January has been a great month for writing links! Here are my favorites from last month:

Beauty in the Darkness – Marcia Lee Laycock, Novel Rocket

Looking at 2016: Important Publishing Developments Authors Should Know – Jane Friedman

Building Your Own Cage – Ron Estrada, Novel Rocket

Characters + World = Story – Jo Eberhardt, Writer Unboxed

The Kindle Effect – Jennifer Alsever, Fortune

Tips for Writing With Emotion – Cindy Sproles, The Write Conversation

Throw Your Words into the Refiner’s Fire – Lynette Eason, Novel Rocket

The Actual Timeline of a Book and Why it Matters – Scott Reintgen, Fiction University

Asked and Answered Part 2: Social Media and Other Techy Stuff – Myra Johnson, Seekerville

Understanding SEO: Necessary Skills for an Author’s Virtual Life – Lisa Wheatly, Where Writers Win

How Busy, Full-Time Working Writers Can Find Time to Write – Drae Box, Fiction University

A Challenge to Writers: The Balance Between Dreaming and Working – Annie Neugebauer, Writer Unboxed

What Are You Doing That Someone Else Should Be Doing Instead? – Jessica Faust, Bookends

Organic Marketing – Kristan Higgins, Romance University

Have a great week!


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