GBC: The Inheritance and A Beauty So Rare

The Inheritance, Tamera AlexanderGreat Book Covers: The Inheritance and A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander

I’ve been keeping a Great Book Covers board on Pinterest for a while now, and that’s how I found The Inheritance. (Though for some reason I had to repin it yesterday because it wasn’t there. I may have accidentally pinned it to another board.)

It took me a while to figure out what makes this cover so stunning, but I finally realize it’s more than just that vibrant purple dress. It’s the yellow grasses and the purple dress together. A beautiful complimentary color scheme, but it looks so natural that I didn’t even pick it out until I’d looked at it a few times. It makes this cover stand out while at the same time being instantly recognizable as an inspirational historical romance.

Now, while I was first jotting these observations down, I got to thinking about the book itself. Cover art really does attract readers. I read this book because when I encountered it out in the real world, I recognized it instantly and snatched it up.A Beauty So Rare, Tamera Alexander

Anyway. The Inheritance was good, but as I wrote these cover notes, I got to thinking about how I liked another of Alexander’s books better. And I remembered that this book also has a beautiful cover.

Then I realized that the book–A Beauty So Rare–features complimentary colors, too! It’s even more subtle than in The Inheritance. It’s not straight-up red and green, and there’s not even a lot of green, but the green plants positioned just behind the cover model make the pink dress really pop. Just like the yellow background in the other book does for the purple dress.

Since I’m shooting for traditional publishing, I won’t have much say in my cover art–which is definitely one of the cons of this choice. (There’s pros and cons to everything, right?) But if I did, I’d be sure to discuss such a design choice with my cover artist. I love the idea of a complimentary color scheme!



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